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How to get email address

How to get email address

If you want, or need to contact someone via e-mail but you discover that you do not have your email address, and no one else you know has it, it is a problem. While there is no universal guide to find the email addresses, there are several ways to find the email address of someone on the Internet for free, especially if you know the full name of the person.


If you know the host of the email the part between “@” and “. Com”, visit the website domain registered email address.
Through member search link, type the full name of the person whose email you want to get.
Common names produce a greater number of search results.
If the name or surname of the person has a non-traditional spelling or the name is rare, you may have more luck.
Check a previous e-mail for clues.
Open the email and look for the “From” field in the top of the mail header.
There you will find an email address.
For example, the “From” field may indicate that the email address is Send a message to the email, if you receive a message indicating that the message “can not deliver” The email address is no longer active.
In this case, go to the MSN Web site and use the search link members, as he may have opened a new account with the same host.
If that fails, you can try to enter a name that is used to the old address in other domains if the domains changed, but wanted to keep the same name.
Use Yahoo people search.
Enter the first name of the person and the last name and click “Go.”The guide will give you an email list associated with the first and last name you entered.

For example, a search for “Juan Sole” could give the following matches: “”, “” or “@ juan.sole” The directory is not limited to members of Yahoo e-mail.Do a Web search.Open a Web browser and type the full name of the person.

For example, type in “Juan Sole” putting the full name in quotes.If you type the full name in quotation marks, the search engine is the name as a whole instead of isolating the first name (“John”) and last (“Sole”), and performance information associated with the unique words John and Sole.

Use a corporate domain.

If you know where the person works, you could try to send an email using the domain name of the company or search the company directory to the address of the person by e-mail.

If you work in Domain Name, your email address might be “firstname.lastname @ domain” or “nombre_apellido @ domain”, for example.


Use one of the two main social networking websites available to try to find someone for free online.You can search by name, or visiting Facebook..


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